About Us

About Us

Taiba Edu Complex (TEC) - an educational, socio-cultural, charitable and None-political institution was established under the patronage of Jamia Markazu Ssaqafathi Ssunniya- Karanthur- Kerala, aiming at providing quality education uniting material and spiritual concepts to mould a cadre of educationally qualified, spiritually motivated and socially committed leaders ready take up the challenges of today and tomorrow in the field of Da’awa.

It concentrates on uplifting and empowering the deprived sections of the society with education and training along with the moral values and culture. We dream a potent and vibrant younger generation flying to the apex of success providing them the best environment possible for exploring, experiencing and expressing along with food, accommodation, tuition etc. at no cost. Here, the students find a healthier platform to heighten their traits, skills and talents.


To enlighten the new-fangled generation with right knowledge that will bring out future leaders of excellence and become a corrective force in the society.


Providing quality education with moral ethics in a conducive environment that promote creative thinking, socio-cultural responsibilities and humanitarian values through establishing value oriented institutions and charitable activities.

College of Islamic Science & Da'awa

CISD is a residential educational program projected under Taiba Edu Complex for promoting both Islamic and modern education under one umbrella. This mission, with an integrated curriculum, of TEC intends to produce a dedicated cadre of a vibrant intelligentsia of propagators, which is spiritually holistic and professionally competent and could lead from the frontline.

The learning group will be mentored under the direct supervision of excellent national and international faculties. Admission is based on entrance test and personal interview and each year a maximum number of 25 male students who have passed their 7th standard with high distinction, will be admitted for this course with a duration of eight years. Moral studies include Alim (Graduate in Islamic Studies) course and Modern education consist of high schooling, two year secondary education plus three years graduation course in different streams from UGC recognized state central universities. They will be given exceptional training in computer applications and multiple languages.

The uniqueness of the program is that the students will be instructed in their respective skills to prepare for their secured future life. CISD provides them a spiritual and value oriented learning environment with nourishing food and comfortable accommodation.

Admission procedure CISD

Boys who have passed 7th standard with high first class are eligible to apply. Seats are limited for 25 students who come toppers in entrance test and interview

Taiba Madani Hostel

Realizing the importance and majesty of serving the poor, innocent destitute and orphans TEC established Taiba Madani Hostel for orphan children from various parts of the country. This special venture is aimed at providing safe and secure shelter to them along with moral and modern education, food and accommodation at free of cost.

We believe and consider this service as a noblest thing a man can do in his life.Currently 20 orphan students from different classes are residing over here doing their studies and practices in a privileged atmosphere.The sponsors are keenly extending their helping hands towards these children to facilitate the best. The institute is willingly equipped to help these children in completing their study up to graduation, pot graduation or more.