About Us

Taiba Group of Institutions - an educational, socio-cultural, charitable and Non-political institution was established under the patronage of Jamia Markazu Ssaqafathi Ssunniya- Karanthur- Kerala, aiming at providing quality education uniting material and spiritual concepts to mould a cadre of educationally qualified, spiritually motivated and socially committed leaders ready take up the challenges of today and tomorrow in the field of Da’awa. It concentrates on uplifting and empowering the deprived sections of the society with education and training along with the moral values and culture.... Read More


To enlighten the new-fangled generation with right knowledge that will bring out future leaders of excellence and become a corrective force in the society.


Providing quality education with moral ethics in a conducive environment that promote creative thinking, socio-cultural responsibilities and humanitarian values through establishing value oriented institutions and charitable activities.

Our Patrons

  • Sheikh Aboobaker Ahmed Saheb
  • Dr. Abdul hakim Azhari Saheb

Director Speaks

Welcome to Taiba Group of Institutions. A nongovernmental, socio-cultural and charitable institution founded in 2013 aiming at producing highly talented professionals and scholars molded with spiritual values.Our goal is to create frontline leaders to guide the society towards the ethics and humanity providing both modern and moral education beneath one umbrella besides hostel, food, and dress to them at no cost as well as we run an individual hostel for orphan students with the entire facilities.

The helping hands of well wishers from India and abroad helped us to launch and to run this institute and we anticipate their cooperation and guidance in future as well. May Allah give best to us for our good deeds and include us among His beloved servants – Ameen

Our Amenities

  • Campus Masjid
  • Audio visual room
  • Hygienic mess
  • Well-settled office
  • Spacious class rooms
  • Well equipped computer lab
  • Well furnished dormitory
  • Full-fledged building with hostel..
  • Full fledged library
  • Concert hall
  • Ample corridor
  • Students' Activities

Events & Activities